The TOUR Returns to Riviera; My Competitive Juices Return

It’s been five years since I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California and since that time, I’ve always looked forward to watching the Northern Trust Open, which is held annually at this George C. Thomas Jr. masterpiece.

Most touring professionals rank it among the best courses in the world and that thought is validated by the wonderful field playing this week, easily the best of the year thus far.

My three-part review of Riviera is one of the most popular on this site, ranking sixth in page views over the past two years that I’ve been tracking hits at Now on the Tee.

I’ve gone and freshened up that review while also increasing the size of all the photos I took while at the club. If you’re interested in a detailed look at one of the great golf courses in the world, check out the following posts:

The Riviera Country Club – Part One (Trip Recap)
The Riviera Country Club – Part Two (Front Nine Review)
The Riviera Country Club – Part Three (Back Nine Review)

In other news, after a one-year absence, I decided to enter the qualifying tournament for the 2012 Ontario Better Ball Championship.

I played in four straight qualifiers with my good friend Harris from 2006 to 2010 – we never made it through any of those four years, making a habit of finishing either one or two shots out almost every one of those years.

I wasn’t able to find the time to play in the event in 2011 due to my three golf trips but since I’ll be taking it easy with the travelling in 2012, I felt it was time to get back on the horse in a provincial competition.

I’ll have a new partner this year, as Harris actually resigned his membership late last year and I certainly wasn’t interested in playing with someone who wasn’t committed to playing golf in 2012. Of course, one day after signing up with another good friend Ryan, Harris texts me to say that he’s reconsidered his irrational decision to quit golf and will once again be at the club come April.

Sorry buddy! You can always sign up with someone else and maybe have a chance of finishing second this year! Wink, wink!

We’ll be playing at the Highland Country Club qualifier in London. I’ve never had the pleasure of playing the Stanley Thompson design before but I hear it’s a pretty decent track. Hopefully, we can get out there for a practice round before the event, which takes place on April 30th.

My review of Bandon Trails will be coming sometime tomorrow! Posts two days in a row at Now on the Tee?!

Come on man!

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