Lacking Motivation

Well, it’s been over a month since my last post yet somehow I continue to get quite a lot of hits on a daily basis. The least I can do is throw up a little update as I continue to struggle to find enough time to work on my course reviews for the blog.

April saw some pretty nasty weather in the Niagara Region but I still played about six rounds or so during the month. My game has leveled off somewhat after shooting that early season 72 discussed in my last blog post and I actually hit a real rough patch last weekend in London as I prepared to play in the Ontario Better Ball qualifier at Highland Country Club.

We were fortunate to get access to the private course the day before the event and I actually had a lot of confidence heading into this practice round, coming off a pretty solid 75 (+3) the day before at my home club and that was with bogeys on my last three holes.

However, I played a horrifyingly bad round of golf in the practice round, going out in 45 shots before steadying somewhat on the back, finishing with an unsightly 84 (+13) and at least four double bogeys. My partner for the event made an eagle and two birdies and we “ham & egged” it pretty good during the practice round to shoot a 68 on our best ball, a score that would have won the qualifier the next day.

I carried over my poor play to the main event, alternating bogeys with a few pars and notching no birdies in a round of 82 as we’d fail to make it through by five shots, shooting a 76 on our best ball. My partner must have put out his back carrying my sorry butt – I have no real explanation for my play – there is nothing wrong with the course but sometimes a place just doesn’t fit your eye and that was the case with me and Highland. They have incredibly small greens, perhaps the smallest 18 I’ve ever seen cumulatively and I had a heck of a lot of trouble getting birdie putts.

The most disappointing thing wasn’t my game – we all have bad days once in awhile but I was most upset by the fact I didn’t grind *at all*. Those that know me would likely say that’s my best trait as a player – I don’t have innate talent but I grind my ass off almost all the time and usually *hate* giving away strokes. That just wasn’t the case in London on Monday, as I three-putted about four times and just didn’t concentrate the way I normally do. I can only laugh as I think about the last two holes I played, as I was really intent on trying to get *something* out of my round:

Par 4 17th – Perfect drive, lob wedge to 12 feet under the hole, three putt for bogey
Par 4 18th – Perfect drive, another lob wedge approach to 15 feet under the hole, three putt for bogey

Not my day…not my course.

I’m actually taking a rare Saturday off from golf, taking the family up to Toronto to visit the Science Centre. My 3 1/2 year old boy absolutely loved his first experience there last fall so we’re looking forward to heading back again.

Hopefully I can get my Old Macdonald review up sometime soon. Thanks for reading!

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  • Great post!I think anyone who has played the game for any amount of time has gone through this. It's like the saying we have here about sports team, \”a new team shows up every week.\”Sometimes your swing is great, you hit the ball a mile and shot in the 80s, then you hit the ball terribly and show par. Sometimes it's just hard to tell.


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