Hey, How About an Update?

Almost two months between posts. I’m starting to run out of excuses!

My long-promised course profile on Sebonack is almost ready and will be posted shortly. From there, I’ll start working on my favourite post of the year, my annual “Year in Review” recap. You can look forward to that between Christmas and the new year.

As I write this post, snow flakes are gently falling here in the Niagara Region. I believe the flags are still in at my home club and we’ve had a pretty decent autumn for golf but as usual, I haven’t taken advantage. I haven’t played since mid-October and I likely won’t swing a club again until March.

I’m sure you’ve noticed a change to the look of the site yet again. I was using Blogger’s “Dynamic Views” templates for a couple of months but there is absolutely no personality to them whatsoever and I was bored just looking at my site. Sure, it looked professional but it looked like every other D.V. blog out there so I had to change it up again. I’ve kept the clean look and gone back to using personal photos for the header, only this time writing some code that offers random headers for each visit. I think I’ve got 10 installed right now and I’ll continue to add headers for all the notable courses I’ve played.

There isn’t much new to report – my home club at St. Catharines has been working on some improvements to our 2nd hole. Architect Ian Andrew came for a visit to give final approval for a new fairway bunker to be built as part of his master plan for the course. We lost a large tree during a wind storm last year and this bunker adds some strategic value to the hole for the better player.

The work begins on the right fairway bunker on #2 at St. Catharines G&CC


Side view of the newly cut bunker


Applying the finishing touches


The completed bunker, with tree removal to come


Improved grass lines and some pretty significant tree removal is also part of the 2nd hole project, with lovely vistas being opened up down the entire left side toward the valley holes. In fact, the tree removal extended all the way down toward the 16th green, opening up the entire hillside and offering a gorgeous backdrop for approaches on that par five.

I’m pretty excited to see what the changes look like in the spring!

I’ve also just accepted an invitation to join the proposed new Grounds subcommittee at the club. I really want the club to continue moving ahead with Ian Andrew’s master plan and I look forward to being a part of the process.

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