We’re Open – And I’m Old!

So after a dreadfully long but routine Southern Ontario winter, my home club in St. Catharines finally declared the golf course open for play on Wednesday April 3rd.

Temperatures didn’t even reach 5 degrees Celsius but a few antsy members bundled up and bravely headed out to stretch their legs and bat a frozen ball around the links. Many more have been out the last two days, with glorious sunny skies and temperatures around 10 degrees…perfect spring golf weather!

I will be participating in our curling club championship on Saturday and have other plans on Sunday with my son so I don’t plan on hitting my first golf shot of 2013 until Masters weekend. That said, I’m starting to finally get the itch and look forward to getting back out on the course soon.

In other news, I turned the dreaded 4-0 on Monday this week. I celebrated by running our fiscal year-end inventory at work (happy birthday indeed!), eating some Mossimo’s pizza during lunch and munching on my wife’s delicious homemade sugar cookies upon getting home that night. Not very glamorous, I know, but oddly satisfying! I did get out a couple nights with friends in the days leading up to my birthday so a low-key celebration was more than welcomed.

Soon, you will start seeing some course profiles from my Columbus, Ohio trip from back in August of 2011. First up will be Jack Nicklaus’ most celebrated design, Muirfield Village Golf Club, the annual home of the Memorial Tournament on the PGA Tour. I was fortunate enough to play the course twice during my week-long visit and took a number of photographs during my time there.

The wonderfully-designed par five 5th hole at Muirfield Village


I really enjoyed the course and think very highly of Columbus as a city, with incredibly friendly people, great shopping and excellent restaurants. My wife, son and I all loved the week we spent in the city and I hope to go back again sometime soon.

I should have that post completed in the next seven to ten days and there is a good chance I’ll preempt that with a brief writeup on my first round of golf in 2013, which hopefully will take place next weekend!

Welcome to golf season!

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  • This new golf course looks great! I’m sure it would be grand to play in that new field. I’m happy that you enjoyed your week in the city with your wife and son as well. Oh, and happy golf season to you too Matt!Kaden Gill


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