The Delicate Balancing Act Called Life

I try to live up to my promises of posting more but I continue to fail miserably.

Many times in the past I’ve talked about stretches at work that wear me down to the point of exhaustion and I’m there once again. Two key members of my 14 person company have been stricken with illnesses that have caused both to go on disability. One has been on the shelf for ten weeks now while another is closing in on a month.

Thankfully, both are well on their way to a full recovery but the fact of the matter is that neither will be returning anytime soon. They simply need time to get back to 100%.

My staff is stressed and I can barely sleep at night these days, thinking about this house of cards that is one breath from falling over. The staff liken our situation to the band that kept playing while the Titanic was sinking – that’s rather dire but a fair assessment, I suppose. Thankfully, business is strong at the moment and we’re somehow coping despite these extraordinary circumstances.

I’m very lucky to have the staff I do and they are working their tails off for the company as I try to find suitable cover for their two temporarily disabled comrades.

Easier said than done, I’m afraid, as I continue to look desperately for capable truck drivers.

The search will continue in earnest tomorrow morning but I need to talk a bit about golf to lighten the mood a bit.

The season is well underway in St. Catharines and I’ve gotten a few weekend rounds under my belt since the course opened in mid-April. My game is actually in decent shape to start the season, with a few scores in the 70s and a promising amount of early season birdies. I’d like to get my handicap back down to a respectable number this year but have a ways to go after ending 2014 as a six.

The third season of the St. Catharines G&CC Premier League will start up this weekend with a league record number of participants. Shockingly enough, I am likely taking the entire weekend off from golf, as my son is trying out for the city’s tyke hockey travelling team. I really need a golf game right now to help ease my stress level but it will have to wait – family and work come first. I get so much joy watching him play – he’s having a blast and I want to be there for him.

When I get a chance, I’ll post next about my wonderful early April trip to North Carolina and Georgia, where I played a few very interesting courses and finally got to spend a full day at Augusta National Golf Club for a Masters practice round.

More on that soon.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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