Poll: Which Course Profile Do You Want to See?

Which Golf Course Should We Profile Next?

In my last “Year in Review” post, I mentioned the fact that the most popular blog posts on this site, as per Google Analytics, are my course profiles, yet I’ve hardly written any in the last few years.

It’s time to change that!

If you click on the links above that showcase my Canadian and US Course Profiles and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see that I have 25 Canadian courses and 27 US courses that I’ve played yet still haven’t profiled.

I’ve put up a poll with 13 potential choices, arguably the most well-known of the fifty-two courses I haven’t profiled. If you’d like to see me write about one (or more) of those 13 courses, please submit your choices before Sunday February 28th at 5:00pm. You aren’t limited to one choice and if desired, can select all of them and really put me to work!

Alternatively, if you’d like me to profile a course that isn’t listed among those 13 choices but IS one of the 52 courses documented at the bottom of those links listed above, click on “OTHER” and then tell me the course name in the comments section.

Once the winner of the poll is determined, I’ll pledge to get a course profile up within a weeks time.

Happy voting and thanks for reading!

EDIT (3/7/16) –

You’ll likely note that the poll isn’t showing up anymore. It turns out that once the poll ends and is replaced by something else, that original poll disappears. That kind of sucks! Let it be known that the results of the poll were as follows:

Crystal Downs CC: 6 Votes
Banff Springs GC and Scioto CC: 5 Votes
Jasper Park Lodge GC: 4 Votes
Maidstone and Pinehurst #2: 3 Votes
Arcadia Bluffs, Kiawah Island Ocean and Shinnecock Hills: 2 Votes
Muirfield Village, Oak Hill East, Oakland Hills South, Augusta National (write-in vote): 1 Vote
Castle Pines GC: ZERO votes

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