And the Winner Is???

After receiving 6 out of the 36 total votes cast, it is Crystal Downs Country Club in Frankfort, Michigan that will be the next course profiled here at Now on the Tee after winning the site’s first-ever poll by a single vote over Banff Springs Golf Course in Banff, Alberta, Canada and Scioto Country Club in Columbus, Ohio!

Crystal Downs CC is credited to both Alister MacKenzie and Perry Maxwell, who worked on behalf of MacKenzie in the midwest. While universally beloved by GCA types, it’s generally unknown by the “retail golfer”, as it’s very private and hasn’t hosted any major events. Still, this was the highest ranked golf course that I played on my trip to Northern Michigan in 2014, sitting 13th on Golf Digest’s 2015 ranking of all golf courses in the US, private and public combined and 31st overall in the world. That’s high praise and it’s very deserving of its lofty stature, with incredible tumbling land and perhaps the most devilish greens I’ve ever seen, so devilish that today’s green speeds are likely a tad too quick for normal play there.

It was a true privilege to get the chance to play Crystal Downs and I’ll greatly enjoy writing about this wonderful design. Look for my profile to be posted within the week, likely on Sunday night or early Monday morning.

I will follow that by writing profiles on Banff, Scioto and Jasper Park Lodge GC before the end of the month, with new profiles coming each Monday morning. Banff and Scioto received 5 votes each while Jasper Park received 4 votes and I want to reward those who voted for those four courses by posting profiles sooner, rather than later.

To those that voted for any of the other courses on the poll, there’s no need to worry, as I’m really motivated to start catching up on some of these very long-awaited profiles and hope to follow through with bi-monthly updates at the very least.

As always, thanks for reading and you can look forward to seeing that Crystal Downs profile by the beginning of next week.


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