{Taps Microphone}

Is this thing still on?

Another long absence from yours truly and this time, it’s warranted.

Simply put, there is pretty much nothing going on from a golf perspective for yours truly. You may wonder why I never completed my 2016 year in review piece with my third post, which usually talks about “what’s ahead” for the coming year.

That’s because, sadly, there is nothing ahead worth writing about.

Most years, I’m lucky enough to get away one or two times (or more) on golf trips yet it isn’t looking like I’ll be heading anywhere in 2017, barring a late-season surprise. I’d have to look through the archives to see the last time I didn’t go away on a golf trip but I’m guessing it’s been at least a decade, if not longer.

Woe is me.

Work is exceptionally busy and getting time off this summer is looking unlikely at this juncture. I did have a business trip that took me to Atlanta in May and I was fortunate enough to visit White Columns GC, a decent Tom Fazio design. Other than a trip this past weekend to Brock Golf Course, a 2800 yard executive course here in town that I played with my 8-year old, that’s the only golf course I’ve seen outside my home course this year.

I do have an acquaintance visiting from Europe in August and we’re going to hit Hamilton G&CC while he’s here, a top five course in the country. So I do have something to look forward to!

Other than that, it’s just been my regular weekend games at St. Catharines G&CC keeping me sane, at least when it hasn’t been raining. And yes, we’ve seen a LOT of rain so far this spring.

There is no question that I will play fewer rounds in 2017 than any other year I can remember, partially due to weather and mainly due to the lack of golf travel.

Hopefully my readers are getting to see some cool places this year and I hope that my luck changes next year.

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