A New Beginning

My new home away from home, Lookout Point Country Club, officially opened for the 2019 season on Saturday and I was up bright and early to take advantage. It was a decent day – temperatures around 13 degrees Celsius with partly cloudy skies but very breezy, which made flighting the ball very challenging on my first round in close to six months.

It was a wonderful walk and a fun round – after starting reasonably well (+2 through 8 holes), I’d start to lose accuracy with my driver on the last ten and end up shooting a season-opening round of 81 (+9). Overall, I hit more good shots than bad and I putted well using a cross-handed grip, something I’ve experimented with in the past but may try a bit more this season.

The weather this Easter weekend looks terrible in Niagara and we’ll be lucky to get one round in by the looks of it. I’ve got an Ontario Better Ball qualifier coming up in less than two weeks so I’m anxious to get out and work on my game. Lookout has a wonderful practice facility and I plan to take full advantage this year.

I got a new rangefinder last week, the Precision Pro NX7 Pro but I must say, my first impressions are very negative. On a clear day, it wasn’t picking up any flags from over 175 yards away and I even had my playing partners try to use it to no avail. Thankfully, I’ve been in touch with some key people over there and their customer service is wonderful – they’ve given me a couple of tips and I’m going to give it another shot this weekend but they tell me if it doesn’t work, they’ll be sending out a brand new unit right away as a replacement. Wonderful service for sure.

I’m also using a new game improvement app called Bebrassie, which calculates strokes gained statistics for every component of your game, offers charts/grids on your shot dispersion and has all sorts of other cool features. It’s a very sophisticated program and it requires a lot of post-round editing work and I can see myself tiring quickly of that process. But again, it’s very detailed and I’m going to stick with it for awhile and perhaps write a full review here after a month or so.

I really intend to work on my game this year in hopes of getting back to around a 3 handicap, a very tall challenge considering I’ve made the move to a new and more difficult golf course.

More course reviews to come, with the wonderful North Berwick – West Links up next.

Thanks for reading.

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