We’ve Moved! Welcome to Now on the Tee Golf

Incredibly, we are coming up on our 15th anniversary here at Now on the Tee and also approaching 500 posts overall.

What started as an online journal of sorts, talking about the minutiae of my life, providing detailed write-ups about my golf game (yawn!) and much talk about my love of poker, this site has evolved over the years to concentrate more on golf and specifically, the courses themselves.

Of course, that’s when I have time to actually write and upload new posts, something that has continued to elude me in recent years.

Well, now I find myself with a little bit of time in this challenging, scary and chaotic period in all our lives.

My family just returned from a wonderful vacation in the Dominican Republic last Friday. When we left, China and Italy were suffering from this virus but things were still “business as usual” here in North America and pretty much everywhere else in the world.

Everything changed in those seven days that we were away. Sport leagues and schools shut down, businesses and borders closed and life, as we know it, changed, perhaps forever.

I went in to the office on Monday after three days in isolation at home, arriving in full “battle gear” (mask and gloves) but I quickly realized that despite my good intentions, I should have been at home in isolation with the rest of my family until we could be sure that we weren’t suffering from the deadly Coronavirus. I was needed at work during a busy time but I needed to be mindful of my staff and their health and safety.

So I’ve turned my living room into a temporary office and will work from home until my 14 days are up.

Things have been incredibly busy at work, as we provide hygiene and sanitation products, among many other things, to our clientele in the Niagara Region and beyond. Bath tissue and sanitizer sales are through the roof, as you can imagine and it’s been challenging for us to maintain supply in the face of unprecedented demand.

My family and I are doing well – we’ve been home for six days now and are still symptom-free.

We are lucky and blessed.

I’m trying to cope with the demands of working from home and I think I’m managing decently – it’s a challenge but I have enough tools at my disposal to help customers and staff when things come up.

That said, when the clock strikes five, I’m looking for things to do while stuck in the house and I thought now was a good time for my first post in many months, celebrating the fact that Now on the Tee has moved to our own domain – nowontheteegolf.com!

I’ve literally been working behind the scenes for about three months, whenever I had a spare hour or two, making sure all of our old posts have nice header images and ensuring the formatting works with this new theme.

Updating 500 posts manually takes a lot of time and it was a painstaking and incredibly monotonous procedure.

I also took time to ensure our old blogspot links would be redirected to this new domain and that our 15 years of history wouldn’t be ignored by Google from an SEO perspective.

As someone not necessarily strong with stuff like that, I had to rely on my good friend Cal to help with some coding. Thanks Calvin!

There’s still some things I need to tidy up from an aesthetics and functionality perspective, mostly with respect to the Course Profile menu pages seen at the top of the blog but I plan on getting all of those kinks ironed out soon.

I’m hoping to get my traditional “Year in Review” posts up in the days ahead. From there, I have countless course reviews to catch up on. I was lucky enough to play the gorgeous Punta Espada GC while in the Dominican, certainly one of the top 3 or 4 Jack Nicklaus designs I’ve ever seen on one of the most stunning pieces of real estate imaginable.

We’ll definitely have that course profile up soon as well.

Thanks for sticking with me. I hope to reward your patience with some content in the days and months to come.

Until that time, be safe and wash your hands!

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