2019 Year in Review Part Three – Looking Ahead

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For many of us, the last two months has been the most challenging period of time in our lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a state of emergency here in Ontario, forcing everyone into their homes, closing businesses, taking away jobs, eliminating most, if not all social activities and most devastating, taking thousands of lives in Canada and hundreds of thousands of lives across the world.

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate. I haven’t lost any friends or family to this insidious virus, nor has anyone I know well even been diagnosed, as far as I know.

I run a business that is considered to be an essential workplace, a vital part of the supply chain for our customer base, which includes manufacturing and food processing facilities, along with health care providers. Things are really slow but all of my full-time staff continue to be employed and I’m thankful that we’re in a business that has allowed them all to continue to work.

I’m a very lucky man.

My mind does often drift to the better days that are ahead. The time when we can get back to socializing with our friends, or maybe hit one of our favourite restaurants for a Saturday night dinner.

And of course, when we can get back out and play some golf.

Golf is a game played on one of the largest canvases of any sport, with most courses sitting on well over 100 acres of land. It’s an ideal game to practice social distancing, which lends itself well to being among the first restrictions lifted when our province starts to initiate their multi-stage plan to reignite the economy.

All things considered, I fully recognize that golf is pretty much at the bottom of the list of truly essential businesses. However, for those who work in the field, it is essential – I have many friends in the business and times are very tough right now, with most collecting unemployment insurance until things change for the better.

So while I remain a tad conflicted on golf’s importance in the grand scheme of things, I fully plan on returning to play immediately when the province ultimately lifts the restrictions currently in place.

I want to support my home club, Lookout Point and I want to support my friends who work in the business. Selfishly, I’m also looking forward to engaging my mind and soul in the game I love, improving my skills and getting some great exercise in the process.

I did have some interesting plans for 2020, including a late-June trip to my favourite place in golf, Sand Hills GC in Nebraska, along with a side-trip to nearby Dismal River Club.

I also was super excited about getting back into competitive golf, joining the GTA Am Tour for the 2020 season. I had already signed up for events at respected courses like Scarboro G&CC (click on link for Now on the Tee course profile), Summit G&CC and Maple Downs G&CC.

Unfortunately, my Sand Hills/Dismal River trip and the GTA Am Tour event at Scarboro have already been cancelled and I’m guessing the events at Summit and Maple Downs are soon to follow.

Even if some restrictions are lifted here in Ontario, the chances of me being able to fly into the USA for golf are very slim, as the borders continue to be closed for all non-essential travel between our two countries.

As for events at private clubs like Summit and Maple Downs, I find it hard to believe that these courses will allow any outside play in 2020 so I’m expecting both of those events to be cancelled as well.

I was fortunate to play a round of golf in the Dominican at the excellent Punta Espada Golf Club back in early March but there is a decent chance that is the only course outside of Niagara that I play this year.

I’ll certainly be ready for any surprises that come my way but in the end, I just hope that there is some golf in our near future here in Ontario.

As for Now on the Tee, I’ve put a lot of work in over the past three or four months moving to WordPress and changing to a completely new template. I’m excited about the possibilities moving forward on this new platform and look forward to catching up on some course profile work in the weeks and months ahead.

I plan on alternating between Canadian, US and International profiles each week but I’ve made promises before that haven’t been kept.

I certainly have more free time so there aren’t any excuses, that’s for sure.

Thanks to all my readers for sticking with me. As indicated, you can look forward to seeing new content weekly here at Now on the Tee and I hope you come back often to read about my exploits.

My best wishes to you all – stay safe and healthy.

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