Long time no write…guess it’s time for a small update.

Things have been relatively quiet on the golf front in Ontario in 2021, as the provincial government implemented another hard COVID-related lockdown in early April, closing most businesses and certainly everything that had to do with golf.

The lockdown on golf courses and a few other safe, outdoor activities finally ended about six and a half weeks later and as a result, we’ve been back playing golf since May 22nd.

There is a lot to write about in the weeks and months ahead here at Now on the Tee, as I’ve been fitted for an entirely new bag of gear after playing the same equipment for the last 8 years. So new equipment, a new golf bag, my first-ever push cart complete with battery powered “eWheels” to help navigate the escarpment at Lookout Point and I’ve even bought a launch monitor, with thoughts of eventually building my own garage-based golf simulator studio in the fall.

Unfortunately, there has been nothing notable to talk about regarding my actual golf game. Unless you like hearing about massive struggles and mental demons!

Things changed for the better on Thursday afternoon last week during the second week of Men’s League. I had a pretty typical start and was +4 through seven holes as we reached the par three 8th hole, which was playing about 160 yards on Thursday (145 actual, as the hole plays straight uphill the whole way). Pin was back right, hard up against the side of another massive hill to the side of the green.

I hit a slight five yard push and it hit hard into that hillside and bounced ferociously to the left toward the green. Not a big deal and a pretty regular occurrence at Lookout – usually the ball ends up in the right fringe, perhaps sticks in the rough and perhaps gets lucky and just rolls on to the green.

One of my playing partners then hit a low bullet straight at the flag. The ball landed short of the green, bounced on and rolled out of site, as the bottom of the cup is not visible from the tee that sits way below the grade of the putting surface. I figured he’d be about 10 feet short or so.

I was the only walker in the group so I was the first person to crest the hill and I couldn’t see a ball on the green.

“I don’t see any balls up here”, I exclaimed.

Joe, my playing partner who hit the low bullet towards the flag, started getting excited as he drove up in his cart.

I was now walking on the green and I could now see a ball on the back fringe, directly in line with the flag.

Now, this could have been my ball. But for some reason, I knew it had to be Joe’s, based on his line into the green. So I turned my attention to the right rough and started looking for my ball.

There was nothing there. Looked in the front bunker, just in case…nothing.

“Ummm, there’s only one ball up here”, I shouted.

I took the walk towards the cup, looked down and there it was. My Titleist 73.


Thrilled after making my second lifetime hole-in-one on the 8th hole at Lookout Point Country Club on Thursday June 10, 2021
Photo by Joe Vince

My second lifetime ace and my first in almost 31 years TO THE DAY, as my first came as a 17 year old on June 11, 1990 back at St. Catharines G&CC, my former home course.

What an incredible thrill!

I actually was able to maintain my composure the rest of the day to fire a season-low (to this point) 77, making a couple of back nine birdies along the way.

With COVID restrictions still in place for one more day, we had to celebrate at a friend’s house and I was given a brief reprieve on buying drinks for everyone but I look forward to paying my debts at Men’s League later this week.

Thanks for reading and come back soon, as I have lots to write about in the weeks and months ahead.


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